Levantina European Sea Bass (Branzino) - Quick-Frozen 4 x Fillets

Levantina European Sea Bass (Branzino) - Quick-Frozen 4 x Fillets

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From the crystal waters of Cyprus, to your kitchen in southeast Michigan, we are proud to offer this beautiful European Sea Bass (Branzino), freshly-filleted in-house and quick-frozen. 

Mild and flaky, this white-fleshed fish is a chef's favorite and is one of the most delicious of all. Enjoy 4 skin-on fillets. They average approximately 5.5oz/fillet.  Levantina Mediterranean Sea Bass is sashimi-grade and is beautiful in any application, including: grilling, roasting, poaching or braising, also lovely as a crudo or tartar.  

More about Levantina: 

  • Certified Sustainable by Friend of the Sea

  • All natural feed with no GMOs

  • No antibiotics

  • No hormones or growth promoters

Levantina refers to the eastern part of the Mediterranean, where the island of Cyprus is located and the fish are raised. Levantina European Sea Bass are raised in an area with pure waters and strong currents. The sustainable techniques used to produce this superior fish are the product of decades of learning, and the farm is widely regarded as the most progressive in the Mediterranean.