striped bass

pacifico aquaculture - premium, sustainable ocean-raised

• true striped bass (not hybrid)
• sustainably farmed
• traceable

photo courtesy of Pacifico Aquaculture

photo courtesy of Pacifico Aquaculture

Morone Saxatilis

Striped bass, Striper, Rockfish

Year Round

Baja California, Mexico

Sweet, mild flavor and firm texture. It is often served raw as sashimi, sushi, or crudo, but is extremely versatile for all cooking and raw applications.  

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photo courtesy of Pacifico Aquaculture

photo courtesy of Pacifico Aquaculture

about pacifico aquaculture striped bass

This true (not hybrid) Striped Bass has beautiful striped sides with clean lines going all the way across.  It has more fat content than wild fish, providing excellent taste and texture.  Meat is white with a reddish-pink bloodline (presentable). 


Our Striped Bass is sourced from Pacifico Aquaculture, the first and only marine finfish company in Mexico to obtain certification for Best Aquaculture Practices, as issued by the Mexican Aquaculture Safety and Health Commission. Their open ocean site operates in 179 hectares near the shores of Isla de Todos Santos, an island eight miles west of Ensenada, off the coast of Baja California. Their site features an environment perfect for responsible aquaculture, as it is located away from the mainland to ensure the waters are free of contaminants that accompany densely populated living centers. It also offers ideal conditions for fish growth with gentle but cleansing currents and an underwater canyon that acts as a natural filter and barrier, maintaining a pristine environment for their fish.

Water quality is rigorously monitored, to guard against factors that could affect the health of their fish by using their on-site laboratory and technicians to conduct daily analysis and verification of water quality through out their growing area. 

Pacifico's technicians also analyze the ocean water column on a regular basis, to ensure that the characteristics of the local environment remain virtually unchanged.

Their fish are stocked in low densities with plenty of room to swim and grow in their floating sea cages. In addition to creating the ideal growing environment, low density stocking also minimizes the impact of their activities on the environment. The result – healthy fish and a healthy environment. 

Pacifico Aquaculture partners with the Comité de Sanidad Acuícola del Estado de Baja California, a 3rd party NGO tasked by Mexican Government to be responsible for food safety, health and sanitation though out the aquaculture process. They regularly audit their operations and provide verification that their practices produce healthy food products with minimal impact on the environment.