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  • Southernmost producer in the world

  • Pure icy waters. 1,500 Km away from nearest major city.  

  • No Antibiotics

  • No Pesticides

  • No Hormones or growth promoters

  • No Antifoulants. Cared by Hand

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch

  • ACS and BAP Sustainable Certified

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Salmo Salar

Atlantic Salmon

Year Round

Tierra del Fuego. Antarctic Region

Well marbled fat lines pair with an elegant pink flesh and shimmery healthy skin. Icy cold waters promote a unique and buttery flavor profile. Firm delicate quality that is light in the mouth.

  > d-trim fillet

CERTIFIED BY:  Monterey Bay – Good Alternative, ASC, BAP, Global GAP, Kosher


about sixty south antarctic salmon


The first and only source of premium, sustainable salmon raised in the pristine icy waters from the Antarctic and protected by the geography of extreme-south. Committed to producing salmon on nature's terms. Raised in pure waters, without antibiotics, added hormones, antifouling chemicals, and given ample unpolluted surroundings to grow healthy.

Sixty South's smolt grow from hand selected eggs for their proven strength and quality. Since they grow their fish on Nature’s Terms, not allowing any antibiotics or pesticides, starting with the best eggs is imperative. Additionally, while most smolt around the world grow in lakes, their smolt grow in land tanks isolated from outside contaminants or pollutants. This ensures they can grow all the way to adulthood without ever using antibiotics, pesticides, or in polluted waters.

They achieve 1:1 Fish-In Fish-Out ratios. All Sixty South fish protein and oils are sourced from MSC certified sources to further ensure the sustainability of their feed. They utilize feed sourced from EWOS from Norway.

Upon harvest the pens remain empty to allow the ecosystem to replenish for 6 months. Since they are the only producer for miles and miles, and do not utilize any chemicals or additives, Sixty South's surroundings can recover back to their natural state quicker than other regions in Europe who also employee long periods of fallowing.