Bakkafrost Atlantic Salmon - 7oz Portions

Bakkafrost Atlantic Salmon - 7oz Portions

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With a firm, flaky texture and rich and robust flavor, Bakkafrost Atlantic Salmon is an amazing and sustainable choice for your dinner table.  Enjoy 2, skin-on 7oz portions.

More about Bakkafrost:

  • One of the highest levels of Omega 3

  • No antibiotics

  • Use only non-GM plant proteins and oils, Pro-Terra certified soybeans, and sustainable certified rapeseed oil and marine ingredients, in their feed

  • The longest fully integrated value chain in the industry, giving full traceability

  • Pristine conditions for farming high quality salmon  – thanks to cool steady sea temperatures and strong currents

Bakkafrost takes pride in controlling every aspect of producing salmon. They harvest feed from the cold, clean Faroese waters and feed it to their salmon. An unrivalled vertical integration makes for some of the freshest, most sustainable, and healthy food on the planet.